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12 steps to planning a successful wedding!

-The Entertainment Professional

-January 2024

Planning a wedding involves multiple steps, and careful organization is key to ensuring a smooth and memorable event!

Here is a quick outline that will help you stay on track!

  1. Set a Budget: Determine how much you're willing to spend on your wedding, considering all aspects such as venue, catering, attire, and entertainment.

  2. Create a Guest List: Draft a list of guests you want to invite. This will help in estimating the size of the venue and other related costs.

  3. Contact your Entertainers: A good entertainment company can make or break your wedding! Most companies book 12-24 months out. If your heart is set on a specific company (such as LIMITLESS ENTERTAINMENT), reach out for their availability in the specific months you are looking to have your wedding!

  4. Choose a Date and Venue: Tour wedding venues and decide on your wedding date. Consider factors like availability, capacity, and whether you want an indoor or outdoor setting for ceremony, cocktail and reception.

  5. Select Key Vendors: Identify and book crucial vendors such as your DJ, photographer, caterer, florist, makeup, hair, and day of coordinators. Ensure they align with your vision and fit within your budget. Also, choose a hotel near your venue for out-of-town guests. Make it as easy as possible for family and friends to attend your wedding!

  6. Design Invitations: Choose or design wedding invitations that reflect your theme and personality. Include essential details such as date, time, venue, and RSVP instructions. - Bonus tip * Ask each guest for a song request to help curtate your music playlist and make your Wedding that much more personalized.

  7. Pick Attire and Accessories: Select your wedding attire, including dresses, suits, and accessories. Allow ample time for alterations and fittings.

  8. Plan the Ceremony and Reception: Outline the order of events for both the ceremony and reception. Consider factors like music, speeches, and any cultural or religious rituals. - This is something that your venue, DJ, and day of coordinator will assist you with.

  9. Organize Transportation: Arrange transportation for the wedding party and guests if necessary. This includes transportation to the ceremony, reception, and hotels if needed. - After a long night of partying, no one wants to wait for 25 Ubers to show up to the venue.

  10. Obtain Necessary Documents: Make sure you have all the required documents, such as a marriage license, and complete any legal formalities.

  11. Prepare for the Unexpected: Have contingency plans for unforeseen circumstances, and consider purchasing wedding insurance. Keep a detailed checklist and timeline to stay organized and on keep on track. - Google docs and google sheets is a great tool to help create and share material with your vendors, wedding party, and guests if necessary!

  12. Lastly - Finalize Details and Enjoy: Confirm all arrangements with vendors 7-14 days before your wedding, finalize seating plans, and attend any necessary rehearsals. Then, relax and enjoy your special day!



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